La sayuela 1 y 2

Property Overview

Type: Farmhouse
Address: Candeleda, Camino de la sayuela
Owner: montse
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Mountain

Casa rural La Sayuela I y II luxury lodgings in the heat of Mountain range of Gredos and Next to the Regional base, located in an ample property we have dedicated a great part to him to gardens, for the leisure and enjoys all our clients. By a side the regional base of Gredos, with all the force and splendour of the Mountain range of Gredos, and by another one with the Valley of the Tiétar and the Side; the altitude of zone 400 mts. On the level of the sea, it provides a microclimate que nos allows us to cultivate in the zone, fig trees, peaches, pepper, tobacco, and as not to adorn our streets with oranges and palms not in vain they call Seville to us Abulense, although more well-known by the Ceiling and the East of Castile it offers his splendour, water, sun and an excellent microclimate yet to enjoy it at any time the year. For that reason we offer to the travelling rest for the body and relax for the mind, the views are spectacular during all the times of the year. Facilities the Lodgings of complete rent which we have, each one of them completely equipped, and located in the high part of the property with gardens of exclusive use for lodged his. Zone of parking in the own exclusive property. In the interior with attention to the small details and their comfort they have been distributed in hall with kitchen, they have ample windows, a room and bath each one, in addition to an independent porch with furniture. Outer ventilation, heating and conditioned air, ecological mattresses with latex, carpets and table lamps, Seth of bath, dryer of hair, towels, strong box and other accessories. In the hall there is television and DVD. The kitchen totally equipped with microwaves, refrigerator, vitroceramica, ménage, set of dishes, glasswork, cubertería, bell extractor, irons, etc. We offer in exclusive right all our clients documentation on the zone, strolls or routes with guide, sale of local products, and massages in the own house, service of mailbox, etc
Rooms (DISTRIBUTION) Each lodging has a double room, outer, with splendid views to the valley and to Gredos. Double bed 1,50 the mattresses are of ecological material with látex, closet with hangers and strong box , blankets, carpets, lamps, conditioned air and heating. Bath without architectonic barriers with shower, outer, drying ventilation of hair, towels, alfombrines and a gel-shampoo of bath The lodgings are surrounded by deprived gardens of exclusive use. Swimming pool in the own property with tumbonas. We recommended car.

In order to formalize the reserve 50% by means of card were asked for in advance VISA or similar. In case of cancellation by any circumstance one did not collect.
We did not admit any type of animal domestic servant
Recommended for greater of 18 years.
Maxima capacity 2 people by lodging. Activities They are possible to be made manifold activities as they are:
* To mount to horse in as beautiful routes as spectacular with guide from one hour to several days.
* Reduction by the Tietar in canoes, with routes for all type of people (the suits of neoprene and the life-guards are included, like protective measures). Senderismo with or without guide by the mountain range of Gredos of great landscaping interest as well as the possibility of observing protected fauna the real eagle, the vulture, the stork, etc. Routes to the Hermanitos de Tejea worthy to visit, to the refuge from Albarea and the ascent to the port of Candeleda, the bridge of the port where the Roman bridge is as firm as the first day. Golf (field of 9 holes) in a privileged place. Fishing (sections without death). Hunting (monterías for all type of greater hunting: Wild red deers, goats or wild boars). As well as routes with car to places of great interest: Visits to Castro Celt of if, and cave paintings. Sanctuary