Los balcones del camino

Property Overview

Type: Vacation rentals
Address: Le˛n, Calle juan guaza, 2
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Cities

It is a building of the early twentieth century walls built with solid brick load on base of granite blocks, the deck is sloped gable, wood, with a skylight in the center that allows the staircase lighting center. The facade features a row of wrought iron balconies and stone eaves.

It attributes its authorship to the stonemason and builder Field July, married in Sahag˙n with Antolina Moon, and frequent visitor to the area, while apprenticed to his uncle, who was a sculptor, restorer and Undertaker in Sahagun, served as his teacher and taught him what he learned from his profession. There is no documentation in this regard but I abalan testimonies.

From building emphasizes its spectacular staircase in wrought iron with wooden baluster.

The home over time has had various uses, consult a veterinarian, furniture store, supermarket etc ....

Today is a house inhabited by a family that is responsible for maintenance and restoration. The house has three double rooms complete with bathroom, two with double bed and the other with two beds. It also has a reading room, large hall-dealer and small patio.