Battistini's cafè

Property Overview

Type: Restaurant
Address: Vicarello, Via g. galilei
Owner: Manuele Battistini
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Countryside

Battistini's cafe Restaurant, Pizzeria, American bar ....

The right place where to spend your evening in the company, a restaurant that will make you 'enjoy the seafood tasty and intense flavor in savory dishes from land and intense compositions, everything' with a value for 'incredible price.

a pizzeria across from mixing the original composition, in addition to cooking in the wood oven ..

The American Bar is the right place where you can find fashionable and tasty appetizers, signature cocktails but most indoor smoking room, a place to be able to entertain fashion, accompanied by music that will make you 'dream ...

you expect, you want to give up your fun?

Battistini's Cafe! ..