B&b eraclio

Property Overview

Type: Bed and breakfast
Address: Barletta, Vicolo torto, 11
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Beach

You will not need a compass or a navigator .... everything is within walking distance. The Bed & Breakfast Heraclius Barletta is located in the historical center a few steps from the sea, historical monuments, shops, train station and bus stops regional. Home or home. This is the word that gives the feeling that he tried and guests to the "Bed and Breakfast Heraclius" In it there are four beautiful bedrooms and essential calls: Castle, Curci, Marra and Port Gate.

Independent and discreet rooms Castle, Curci and Marra and Porta Marina are equipped with every comfort: air conditioning / heating, hair dryer, mini bar, 22 "LCD TV with integrated digital terrestrial. An important detail of every room bed and breakfast Barletta Heraclius lies in the fact that every room has a private bathroom and each one of them is deployed on different floors.

Small lot completely renovated and transformed into a bb bed and breakfast, the room Marra has a nice little porch where on sunny days you can relax in peace and leave behind the daily run. Relatively long-lived palace belonged to the family Nanula that in the society of the time was part of the so-called "economy class production."

A small but determined steps the bed and breakfast Barletta Heraclius returned in the large network of the most popular and in-demand bbpuglia occupy a considerable place.
Heraclius The bed and breakfast is located in Barletta Barletta (Apulia), which together with the sisters Andria and Trani is part of the new Province BT (BAT)
The bed and breakfast Barletta Heraclius is definitely situated in a strategic point since once there, to visit the various places you can leave your car for immergesi in the streets of the place.

Near it there is the ward "Seven Rue" where we find the S. Sepulcher with his Knights of Malta focal point and crossroads of ancient pilgrimages to and from the Holy Land. Proceeding slowly along the path intersect small shops where you can buy handmade jewelry or enjoy the vibrant local arts and crafts and of course we can go to the sea because the city of Barletta has a beach several kilometers long that satisfies both the tourist and loves to be in the big summer crowds of the beaches, and the tourist who loves the peace of the beach and total independence.

Barletta, eclectic city with a thousand faces secrets and magic, with subtle nuances that are embedded in arabesque palaces. Barletta is not just a city that supports the slow mobility and sustainable, with its numerous bike paths such as the one that runs along the west beach in kilometers, but it is also a dynamic and modern city.

Visit the charming countryside of Puglia ... its vineyards (producing aromatic wines) and its centuries-old olive groves ... (Puglia there are more than 60 million trees centenarians that give an excellent and fragrant oil d 'olive in the first pressing of olive mill emit odors ancient essences). In addition, a few km from Barletta is where the Battle of Cannae on August 2, 216 BC, the Romans were defeated by Hannibal (excavations).

Tourists will find also on-site museum, housed in the archaeological area and the Citadel of the Battle of Cannae. Nearby Finally, there are countless farms of ancient birth, for example, the farm Stimulus that Paul has in itself an enigma. In fact, it found itself at a plaque of the Consul Paolo Emilio and then you think that this was the site of his tomb.

Speaking briefly of our kitchen we invite you to sample the culinary delights of our places as the soft mozzarella cheese, the creamy burrata cheese and fantastic fresh pasta and return home refreshed and satisfied without spending a fortune.

Finally (for nightlife) in the evening the old town explodes in a myriad of lights and colors of the street is alive with people and you can entertain you for a happy hour and pull until late in the shade of the magnificent Castello Svevo reminiscent of the magical "night of the challenge" with a parade of flag bearers, knights and ladies, courtesans and musicians for a night where the torches are the masters and the life comes back and turns into the 500.

Marked an appointment in your calendar that you can not and you should not give up: a great holiday or out of town fast in Barletta and book the bed and breakfast Barletta Heraclius (bb circuit of Apulia) where you will be greeted with grace, courtesy and management's discretion.


Min = 29 Max = 35 1 people daily
Min = 49 Max = 60 double room for two people per day
Min = 300 Max = 360 weekly