Cabañas bordelago

Property Overview

Type: Hotel
Address: Coyhaique, X-65
Owner: Cabañas Bordelago
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Lake

Puerto Ingeniero Ibáñez is located on the northern shore of General Carrera Lake, approximately 120 km southeast from the regional capital, Coyhaique.
This beautiful land has been inhabited for thousands of years by indigenous, the Aonikenk who left precious vestiges: the cave paintings some of which dates back to 7,000 years ago.

Puerto Ibáñez is also a strategic point if you plan to travel through Patagonia. It is located on the shore of General Carrera Lake the nearest access point to the Austral Road. On a barge you can travel to Chile Chico on a tour into the General Carrera Lake where you can admire the different colors of the water, islands, birds and the Levican peninsula. Approximately 30 Km far from the accommodation you will find Paso Palaviccini, the access to Perito Moreno.

General services:
• Barbecue
• Guideline tourist brochures, maps and everything needed
• Square Playground
• Taca - taca and ping- pong
• Board games in each of the cabins
• Bicycles
• Typical foods and breakfast
• Laundry
• Phone, Fax
• Satellite television
• Service 4X4 - guide included
• Shuttle service to the entire region