Beppe and lia’s house

Property Overview

Type: Vacation rentals
Address: Isola d'elba, Spartaia
Owner: anna lieto
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Beach

BEPPE and Lia’s house is located at 800 meters from the village of Procchio and less than 200 metres from Procchio’s beach and from that of Spartaia: it is on a tongue of rock that divides the two gulfs. The white sand beaches gradually descend into the depth of the water, making them ideal for children and for those who lack familiarity with the sea. If you are instead looking for rocks, at the ends of the two beaches there are handy rocks that allow diving but also an easy entrance into the sea. The Rocky and sandy soils have an unmissable opportunity for diving lovers.

The apartment consists of two bedrooms, one double and the other with 1 double bed, from a small bathroom (small, but fully equipped with: wc, sink, bidet, bathtub with shower, window.), a living room with kitchen area (oven with 4 gas rings, fridge with freezer, cupboards, crockery and utensils) with double sofa bed and a habitable terrace overlooking two bays ideal for breakfast and meals. It is on the first floor of a two-family house and to access them you need to make a dozen steps (it is therefore not suitable for the handicapped). No dishwasher, and washing machine is not inside the apartment but in a bathroom adjacent to the apartment below. The parking is below the apartment.

The House was the artist Beppe Lieto (every year the municipality organizes an art Prize in his memory) and his wife Lia Pottjewyd, Dutch physician of the village of Procchio. Originally (up to 60 years ago) was a barn for donkeys which they have slowly expanded and modified. All the furniture that are inside them were given away to friends and acquaintances and the collection is not always homogeneous but definitely original. From all the Windows you can see the sea and the garden around the House is the result of loving and patient work of Lia over the years

Charming village located to the North of the island, overlooking the beautiful Bay where you will find the most beautiful beaches of Elba, stretches of fine golden sand framed by cliffs and rolling hills and crystal clear sea.
The strategic location makes it a major road junction. From here you can reach in 20 minutes Portoferraio, the island's capital, where the main port, 10 minutes from The airport and 15 minutes Battery Marina di Campo and Marciana Marina. In summer a bus every hour reaches the most important locations.

The island of ELBA
the island is known for its beauty, crystal clear sea, beautiful nature and its rich history that makes it a valuable tourist area and a corner of paradise in the heart of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Despite being the third Italian island, its dimensions are far from those of Sicily and Sardinia. However, in its 27 km long and 18 wide, contains so many natural and geological environments to do envy to many Italian regions: enchanting sea to mountains surrounded by secular Woods, beaches by the sea and surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, small hill villages immersed in a timeless tranquillity, archeological sites Etruscans and Romansat mining sites, towers, churches, fortresses.
It is situated in the National Park of the Tuscan archipelago that includes the 55% of the land area and is surrounded by the beautiful turquoise and emerald in the Tyrrhenian Sea, with its International marine mammal Sanctuary Pelagos and a corollary of the smaller islands of extraordinary variety.
The kitchen, typically, is rich in flavours and is accompanied by quality wines produced in a number of farms.
The climate is predominantly Mediterranean features and is mild.

Elba Island also offers:
• 153beaches
• 2 golf courses
• terme di San Giovanni
• a cable car which leads to the Summit of Mount Capanne (1019 metres high) and from which it is possible to have a particular view of the island and along its entire circumference
• A mineral Park with two open-cast mines and one underground and with a mining museum which houses some of the most beautiful and sought after mineral crystallizations
• Elba Aquariumprobably the most complete existing Mediterranean Aquarium. Over 150 different species of Mediterranean marine organisms, some of which are rare or difficult to observe in captivity in more than 100 tanks.
• The Napoleonic museums of the Palazzina dei Mulini and Villa di San Martino.
• Dozens of farms ready to savor the delicate wines and passiti Elba
• Numerous nightclubs
• Trekking in trails
• Hiking on the back of a horse or a donkey
• excursions in other islands of the Tuscan archipelago



Min = 300 Max = 850 weekly