Sailvoyager, cruising insan blas, panama

Property Overview

Type: Adventure
Address: Arcipelago san blas, Comarca kuna yala
Owner: riccardo gosio
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Beach

if you want to know the last paradise on earth do not hesitate to ask me info, organize exclusive cruises in the archipelago of san blas, the Comarca Kuna Yala, state of panama.
Pajarita the boat and a unique vintage, built entirely with fine woods such as mahogany and teak ...
the treatment is full board based on fresh fish, lobster, tropical fruit and a bit of mix between the classic Italian cuisine and tropical !!
In short sail and discover this magnificent place will remain in your heart!
The archipelago consists of 360 islands, atolls and reefs, white beaches and fish will
then come forward and ask for a quote to riky (the captain and shipowner)


Min = 130 Max = 180 1 people daily