Villa ermes

Property Overview

Type: Restaurant
Address: Palermo, Via corrado martinez,1 - largo salvatore raiti, 1
Owner: Ignazio Iraci
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Cities

In one of the renowned areas of Sicily, at the center of Piana dei Colli between your favorite sites and eighteenth-century aristocracy 'was restored to its splendor Villa Hermes, the ancient summer residence belonged to the rich bourgeoisie of past centuries, a villa of considerable artistic merit located near the old industrial area of the late Falica pasta factory. The recovery took place at the behest of the family Irace, in order to use it for catering activities, has led to the upgrading of a small history of the area Palermo. Villa thanks to the splendor inside particularly enriched by fine painted ceilings dating from the second half of the nineteenth century, and the wonderful outdoor areas where even today you can immerse yourself in what was once the green room, where the sun goes down you projects in an enchanted atmosphere enhanced by pops of blackbirds and song of cicadas that form the backdrop to a place where it merges the importance of style and architectural elegance to the pleasure of spending exciting moments enriched by the specialties of our cuisine; by choice and irreplaceability is mainly oriented on the enhancement of the local culinary specialties, wrapped revisited by our chef, with not much regard to altering the traditional character. Attentive service and Gentile welcomes you in a warm environment, with furnishings designed exclusively designed and manufactured in order to merge the charm of nineteenth-century villa. Our menus designed and built with great care and attention in order not to hurt any palate followed scrupulously and change according to the seasons, the utmost dedication and 'revolt in the selection and handling of raw materials that are intended primarily to evoke with perfumes and flavors memories of our land and with the naturalness and originality of the local freshness and genuineness' of what were once the basic ingredients of the dishes.