Dreaming sorrento guest house

Property Overview

Type: Vacation rentals
Address: Meta di sorrento, Vico ii santo stefano
Owner: carlo alfaro
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Beach

The Dreaming Guest House: open after a long restoration in 2011 is our most important project. And 'situated in a building of 800 in the historical center of Meta di Sorrento, in a quaint alley. Our Holiday offrsimple_img_2e 4 independent apartments, perfect for a relaxing stay. The apartments are dedicated to the places I love most; POMPEII, CAPRI, SORRENTO and NAPLES. All apartments are furnished with a modern and Mediterranean style that is well suited to the historical setting of the Palace. Photographs of emblematic places, original furniture and unique, make the spaces of Dreaming Guest House a pleasant meeting between the New and Old.

The Dreaming Sorrento Suites: Suites opened in 2015 will host 2, respectively, for 3 or 4 people, adjacent and communicating can become a big single apartment. Located on the ground floor of a historic building of 700 a few steps from the center of Sorrento, offer the opportunity to stay in class while maintaining privacy from Holiday. The ASTRA AND PEARL Suites are equipped with air conditioning, private entrance, outdoor space, kitchen and private bathrooms.


Min = 50 Max = 130 1 people daily
Min = 50 Max = 170 double room for two people per day
Min = 350 Max = 1190 weekly