Camping village parco della gallinara

Property Overview

Type: Vacation rentals
Address: Anzio, Via malvito vecchiarelli, 2
Owner: Edi Demenego
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Beach


Our commitment? Ensuring, as we have done for the past 40 years, that our guests enjoy a relaxing holiday, in a natural environment, with a crystal-clear sea and a fine sandy beach. A 1,400,000m2 (140-hectare) site – including two wonderful forests (one of pine trees and one of oak trees) – will provide the shaded backdrop to your holiday. It really is a natural oasis of quite extraordinary beauty!
Making your holiday fantastic? For us, it's a great responsibility! That's why we endeavour to keep on enhancing the visitor experience! The past and future are not inseparable. We already had a great campsite, but we have turned it into the perfect place for a truly unrivalled vacation! In 2010, we added the Holiday village, comprising 50 cottages immersed in nature but equipped with every modern comfort.