Urbino lakes restaurant and of course pizza

Property Overview

Type: Restaurant
Address: Urbino, Via san giacomo in foglia 15 localitÓ pantiere
Owner: Alessandra Zanchi
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Countryside

The SEAL Ss. James and Philip Wildlife Oasis "La Badia", at the foot of Urbino, houses inside a major restoration project in complete harmony with nature.
Not far from Urbino Resort, country house renovated from old farmhouses and dedicated to hospitality, stands URBINO lakes, enchanting water area of ​​the estate, with three ponds surrounded by ancient oaks.
In this corner of nature, opened to the public, by November 2012, Urbino LAKES Restaurant and Pizza course with the cuisine of Chef Stefano Ciotti and a concept of pizza upscale completely "natural".
A URBINO LAKES is fundamental research and the use of raw materials that come in large part by the Urbino Agricola within the estate: three hundred and sixty acres to organic cultivation and subjected to continuous protection (Site of Community Importance of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino). A company that is the consecration of a cult agricultural repeated for generations in the area of ​​San Giacomo in Foglia, thanks to which the Renaissance tradition of the crops has been handed down and is renewed in the lush plantations of vines, olive trees, wheat and orchards, as well as in gardens full of vegetables and herbs.
Oil, honey and wine are produced directly from the farm, and fresh fruits and vegetables are picked daily dall'Orto Lakes for use in the kitchen, as well as the herbs of the Botanical Garden of Urbino Resort. Last news, the entire production of wines has acquired organic certification IMC 100%, from cultivation to wine making, resulting in insertion of the EU logo on all labels.
URBINO LAKES Restaurant and Pizza course also received the highest award of the Three Cloves Gambero Rosso and is part of the guides 2014 and 2015 "Pizzerias in Italy" for the category Gourmet Pizza in Marche region: rewarded excellence pizza plate with dough sourdough, selected raw materials and unusual combinations, often cooked as for real haute cuisine dishes.

The menu between nature and tradition designed to Urbino LAKES is distinguished by the quality of fresh pasta and meat, for the accurate selection of meats and cheeses and specialties from the sea and lakes.
The pizzas are completely natural and, in addition to a selection of classic pizzas, the menu includes pizzas creative completely new, to savor even tasting. The dough is made with yeast and organic flour obtained from grains of Urbino Agricola and is critical in this regard the contribution of the expert in baking, Tomas Morazzini, Pastry-Chef from '97 that uses a yeast of well 65 years to which he gave the name "Eleanor". A base obtained by careful and long experimentation that, while cooking in a wood oven, goes perfectly with the flavors of traditional toppings and especially with the combination of flavors created to perfection by Chef. Finally, do not miss the wide variety of desserts, prepared by Tomas.

URBINO LAKES Restaurant and Pizza course has 120 seats, distributed among the large interior room with large window, from which you can admire the spectacular lake landscape, and an impressive outdoor area overlooking the lake. Built around old oak trees that break through the ceiling into the sky, the restraunt is an integral part of the surrounding environment and offers guests exciting glimpses of nature.
Wooden beams, marble floors, parquet and stone, beautifully matched, and a modest but refined furniture also make this place very cozy.
Average price 35-40 EUR, excluding drinks.