Hotel restaurant noveis

Property Overview

Type: Hotel
Address: Caprile, Frazione noveis 20
Owner: brasilia sas
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Mountain

hotel restaura Noveisnt at 1,150 m. roof terrace, walks, trails for mountain biking, family environment, budget rooms of various types, you can bring animals, Piedmont cuisine with influences mediterraneee.
In the menu that changes every week you can find in the game with polenta, homemade pasta, bread and cakes we produzionem platters of salami and cheeses.
The kitchen is open from 11.00 to 23.00
We are open all year round, closed to rest on Tuesday.
info and reservations: 015 75326
Facebook page: Noveis


Min = 25 Max = 30 1 people daily
Min = 50 Max = 60 double room for two people per day
Min = 140 Max = 180 weekly