The white night

Property Overview

Type: Vacation rentals
Address: Alliste, Via melissano
Owner: La Notte Bianca
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Beach

Upon entering there is a large dining room consists of an extendable table and six chairs, double sofa bed, dresser, color TV with digital decoder and air conditioning 12000 btu.
On the left side you will have access to the kitchenette with fridge and freezer, gas cooker, sink, washing machine and cupboards.
On the opposite side to the input, a door allows access to the bedroom. In it are placed two bunk beds and a double bed, a mirror and two closets really spacious.
Finally, the toilet is composed of finely decorated bathroom cabinet with sink and mirror, bidet, toilet and shower stall.
The soundproofing was secured by windows with thermal break and double glazing, and the soundproofing was achieved by means of Siporex and rock wool.
The anti-theft system, the parking place, barbecue in the back garden, the water supply for any shortages in summer and the gate are a further incentive for your choice.
A few miles from T.S.Giovanni, Gallipoli, S.M. of Leuca, Otranto, Porto Cesareo. Services in the immediate vicinity, peace and enjoyment ... (Availability of organic products: extra virgin olive oil, wine, vegetables, etc.)..
The house is newly built and is located in the center of Felline.
Felline, despite being a small town (just 1500 inhabitants), is renowned throughout the Salento to the quaint old town, festivals and folklore evenings (on average one every 3-4 days with singing groups always exciting) and restaurants which are well 5. In the evening, the turnout is such that it is virtually impossible to park for residents (of course we have a private courtyard that doubles as a parking place).
Visiting all pages of the website (and in particular the pages devoted to "Tourism and culture in Salento" including) you realize it even now of the activities available in search of the beautiful sea, entertainment and culture.
NB If you decide to remain at least 7 days you can choose a boat trip aboard a pleasure boat owned by us - you only pay for the cost of the coal consumed lubricant.


from 27/04/13 to 15/06/13 € 150.00 per week;
from 15/06/13 to 07/06/13 € 280.00 per week;
from 06/07/13 to 08/03/13 € 450.00 per week;
from 03/08/13 to 08/24/13 € 600.00 per week;
from 24/08/13 to 08/31/13 € 450.00 per week;
from 31/08/13 to 09/14/13 € 280.00 per week;
from 14/09/13 to 10/26/13 € 150.00 weekly.