Property Overview

Type: Vacation rentals
Address: Fortaleza, Avenida aboliçao 2324
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Beach

The best apartments and villas, located in the best places in Fortaleza!
Fortalezatour is an initiative whose aim is to offer rental services in temporary rental of property to all interested persons to plan their holidays in the northeast of Brazil, particularly in the city of Fortaleza.
The proposed housing units are managed by an attentive and conscientious.
So putting the customer away from unpleasant surprises that often occur at the last minute.
Our apartments
They are located in the best airlines in Fortaleza's Beira Mar neighborhood, Mereiles and praia of iracema.
Types of apartments fall into two categories:
Appart-hotel where you will find all the amenities of the hotel.
Residential apartments: not listed on the total surface area over, so you will have a way to enjoy a comfortable environment.
There is nothing left to enjoy a wonderful holiday