Ancient locanda ristorante la pietra

Property Overview

Type: Hotel
Address: Roccalbegna, Via xxiv maggio, n.69/b
Owner: Giancarlo Paderno
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Countryside

Small historical notes on our Locanda ..

Launched back in 1821, the first, second and third generation working as innkeepers and then carried out through the postal service from Roccalbegna Scansano to Grosseto with carriages and horses. At the disposal of "commuting" there was a chance of a good meal and sleep at the "La Pietra". The structure of today is identical to that of the time. The fourth, fifth and sixth the current generation have maintained and continued to innkeepers, specializing in the finest cuisine, offering a richer and more tourists from the 50s onwards, the possibility of medium-long stays until 'now famous last minute for a weekend so in vogue today.
Positioned below the ancient "Rock", in the heart of Roccalbegna, the rooms are overlooking the valley of the river Albegna, which offers a view of the park WWF Forest Rocconi at dusk, the lights of the small village of Rocchette Fazio and further down the village of Saturnia. Other rooms are oriented towards the view of the village and the unexpected sight "for upwards" of the "Rock".
Everything here is done on foot from the parking just 200 yards from the hotel, around the village streets between straight and parallel mark and domain Sienese customers who want to read a book, take a break in harmony with nature or simply take a sun bath, can use the vegetable-garden 50 meters from the Inn.
We look forward to introduce you to the pleasures of traditional Tuscan cuisine, local wines and discover the charm of a unique landscape.


Min = 55 Max = 65 1 people daily
Min = 80 Max = 90 double room for two people per day