La tana del lupo

Property Overview

Type: Restaurant
Address: Faenza, Via emilia ponente, 59
Owner: Daniele Zinzani
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Cities

La Tana del Lupo restaurant, inn and pizzeria is open daily for lunch and dinner, a few minutes from Faenza and the main cities of Emilia Romagna. The restaurant offers an extensive menu for all occasions: typical Romagna cuisine, grilled meats, pizza also at noon and special menu Tours to enjoy a cheap dishes from Romagna more inviting.

The Wolf's Lair has 300 seats, a large dining room and garden for parties and ceremonies, meeting room with audio video equipment, ample parking.

Ideal restaurant for a lunch break during organized tours and travel by coach: situated along the Via Emilia, allows quick access to all the cities of Emilia Romagna.
If we want to stop to sleep, The Wolf's Lair is waiting for you with different solutions: houses, half board, bed and breakfast inn.