Aquolinae restaurant drink & lab

Property Overview

Type: Restaurant
Address: Pollein, LocalitÓ saint benin 1/a
Owner: Wilma Zanelli
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Mountain

In one large room, divided in 4 different environments, there are 4 different types of food. "Drink" for an aperitif different. Carlsberg beer production obtained without the addition of CO2. Friday oysters and chocolate
"Affetteria" slicer with a view to flying on a desk, mini old fashion and hams hanging like a old-style delicatessen. Cheese cut when accompanied by jam, honey, fruit and small vegetables in season. We are "Merenderia n. 16" of Saint Marcel. Great food with beer
"Ristoclassic" for the classic catering. During the week-end and home-made bread and pastries. Preparations with cart flambÚ at the table and some cold. Menus and wine lists on a monthly basis and have written in Braille for the blind.
Regional cuisine, Mediterranean and international menu.
"Lab" the forge of ideas and the development of school Aquolinae, number of participants for exclusive evenings on appointment.
Dinners sensory, mini cooking classes, evenings with producers, dinners very special.