B&b dapina

Property Overview

Type: Bed and breakfast
Address: Sperlonga, Via romita i, n°11
Owner: Giuseppina Lauri
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Beach

The bed & breakfast comes from the will of Mrs. Pina to welcome in his home Sperlonga especially those people who choose to spend their holidays in a relaxing and soothing. Located in one of the sleepers of the waterfront, and in the center of the town, the apartment is located on the ground floor of a private house. This particular location allows each room to have its own, independent output port. At the same time, the rooms, also enjoy another passage from that in the common area of the structure itself. They are furnished in a simple but practical, have their own bathroom, air conditioning, TV, and everything you need for an overnight stay. In the common area, where you can also eat breakfast, as well as in the room, there is a fridge, where there are water, juices, tea and fruit that Mrs. Pina offers guests free of charge.


Min = 70 Max = 140 double room for two people per day