Merlano farm

Property Overview

Type: Farmhouse
Address: Sacrofano, Via fontana mancina 38
Owner: Marta Zelioli
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Countryside

The Merlano Farm has a privileged position between the green and fascinating Tuscia hills and itís only a few steps away from the medieval village of Sacrofano thatís 20 minutes from Rome.This position makes it a wonderful place for whoever likes the artistic and cultural tourism without renouncing to the wonderful nature,or itís ideal for whoever wants to visit the capital and make shopping and then go and rest far from the caos of the city.

The entire property is in the Natural Veio Park between the old streets Flaminia, Cassia and Francigena, it is of 40 hectars, coltivated with biological methods as olive-yards, wine-yards,fruit-yards and vegetables. Part of it has remained woods with oak-tress,chestnut-trees,nut-trees and almond-trees.

In the estate nature is the main protagonist with its old farm-houses reconstructed with respect in the traditions of the territory.The farm disposes of elegant suites and apartments with all comforts, ideal for long or short period vacations or work in Rome.

The Merlano Farm is the ideal solution for who wants to spend a wonderful week-end and admire the fascinating beauties of Rome, living part of the day in a paradise in full contact with nature and discovering the colors and smells nowadays forgotten.


Min = 40 Max = 50 1 people daily