Regina palace hotel

Property Overview

Type: Hotel
Address: San michele al tagliamento, Corso europa, 7
Owner: massimiliano gallo
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Beach

Regina Palace Hotel 4-star hotel in the center of Bibione and a short walk from the beach and promenade. A hotel with swimming pool, beach properties, mini club, bar and restaurant on the beach. Offers for families with children, settled with the Spa of Bibione.
The new Queen of Bibione Palace Hotel has been completely renovated to offer you the best service in a contemporary context and with trendy elegance and service disclaim the cornerstones of our sense of hospitality.

Discover a preview of the design and functionality of our new rooms, left caressed by the rays of the sun in the new pool area. Allow yourself the pleasure of a hearty breakfast or a fresh cocktails under the new de-hors.

This year we decided to freeze the "joes" anticipating the planning of its forthcoming summer holidays in Bibione. In fact, we offer the opportunity to fix his residence at a price that absolutely confidential parties can directly use or transfer to relatives and friends of his knowledge.