Sapori d'italia - a lake to love

Property Overview

Type: Travel agency
Address: Stresa, Via de martini 35
Owner: Michela Modena
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Lake

Sapori d'Italia, your travel agency

Snowy peaks, flowers growing in the fields and meadows, XIX century villas with Italian gardens, natural parks, ancient villages and sumptuous palaces will be the setting of your holiday by Lake Maggiore and the valleys in the area around it. Sapori d’Italia, a travel agency with headquarters in Stresa, has plenty of tours to offer, as well as a number of different holiday packages which will allow you to appreciate some of the most unusual features of this area.

High quality service will be provided during each tour (good hotels, transfers, guided tours, boat trips on the lake and meals in restaurants offering local food).

Every package will allow you to discover the true nature of these lands by learning about the environment, local culture, food, wine and entertainment activities. Try one of Sapori d’Italia’s “premium packages”, for a very special 5-star holiday!