Holidays in the dolomites friuli face to face with nature

Property Overview

Type: Vacation rentals
Address: Forni avoltri, Via fontana
Owner: franca
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Mountain

Simply beautiful wild! Here is the first exclamation when arriving in Forni Avoltri great surprise we find before us the majestic Dolomites of Friuli that it was in Ovens embrace with the Dolomites of Cadore.
The magnificent views of these beautiful mountains to discover a world heritage site for all those who seek quiet corners and lovely to walk on the many trails through the rhododendrons and the edelweiss mountain goats and marmots encountering deer and chamois. a contact with nature that fill of clean energy scenic and enjoyable alternative to the usual holiday hiking, Nordic walking, mountaineering climbing to reach the beautiful peaks of the Friuli Volaia and Coglians,
Anyone who loves the outdoors, hiking at high altitudes face to face with Nature, may have found the Friulian Dolomites place to live authentic experiences guest in a house typical of Carnia where culture and traditions are recognized in the genuineness of the people who inhabit it.
Wood Stove 4 bed garden parking.


Min = 250 weekly