Peru paradise travel

Property Overview

Type: Travel agency
Address: Chiclayo, Pimentel
Owner: Michele Mosca
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Beach

Peru Paradise Travel is a prestigious Travel Agency that has been operating in Peru.
During this time a large number of our clients have marveled not only at the diversity of wonders that this beatiful land, considered the core of the incas Empire, has to offer their guests; but at the quality of the services that our agency provides to visitors from different nationalities too.Because we are strongly convinced that it is possible to please each and every of our clients, we have created a great variety of programs that comprise all the different tourist activities that can be carried out in Peru. Visits to fascinating archaeological sites such as Macchu Pichu in Cuzco or the Lord of Sipan in Lambayeque, trips to the marvelous natural landscapes that spread along the coast, highlands and jungle of Peru, programs to observe the rarest species of birds in the planet, whether it be in well known places such as the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve or “off the beaten road” sites such as the reserved zone of Laquipampa in the North of Peru, are some of our offers.