Explora cruises

Property Overview

Type: Adventure
Address: Isola delle femmine, Via dei villini
Owner: Rocco Bellone
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Beach

Explora is a boat underwater vision long 8 m 4 m wide, has a capacity of 24 passengers. Explora The boat is really original in the form of colors and its prerogatives. His line fascinates subito.L 'Explora consists of two levels : one below the waterline with 6 large windows, where you can peer into the depths, then the deck with 24 seats from where you can admire the view from the top, move freely and spend relaxing xon other guests. Explora The boat is characterized by being a medium with low environmental impact. Explora is a means of convenient transportation and fun, where passengers are immediately at ease and can easily socialize (our motto'' we are all in the same boat''), a valuable tool to learn about the flora and fauna of the Marine Protected'' Capo Gallo-Island of the Females''. Our initiative is aimed at those who want to learn about the ecosystem and the beauty of the Marine Protected'' Capo Gallo-Island of the Females'' (groups, schools, businesses, tourists, cral, associations and residents). In recent years we have paid particular attention to the world of the school, planning of educational excursions interesting and challenging, which highlight the different natures of the Marine, with the support of qualified guides. During the cruise, describing the birth of the Marine , its evolution over time, its ecosystem, plants and animals that inhabit it, the presence of man in his relationship with the millennie Area. geological conformations are observed, the various forms of life. Our educational excursions, as well as having a high scientific and cultural content, they are a great school integration and socialization. Additionally, you can combine a cruise on a visit giudate Nature Reserve Isle of females. The strengths of our cruises are: take their attention, foster interpersonal relationships and have a great value for money. In conclusion, we would be delighted to have you all on board to see how we could summarize in a few lines.


Min = 7 Max = 15 1 people daily