Hotel residence pizzo scalino

Property Overview

Type: Hotel
Address: Chiesa in valmalenco, Via bernina, 107
Owner: Alice Cabello
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Mountain

Pizzo Scalino, surrounded by Alpine splendor of Valmalenco, offers comfortable suites and charming, through which guests can enjoy a holiday in the Wellness and Nature.

The hotel offers 29 suites with balconies and exceptional panoramic views, 5 suites have a fireplace that warms the heart and the environment.
The restaurant is bright and comfortable, offering tasty delights its guests typical local and traditional, for example: pizzocheri, sciatt, the dairy and the bresaola.

The exquisite cuisine and excellent service will make your stay enjoyable.

The modern fitness center with gym, sauna, spa and beauty center, will help you maintain a good physical shape, experienced staff available to advise you according to your needs.


Min = 65 Max = 105 1 people daily