Boca chica

Property Overview

Type: Restaurant
Address: Viareggio, Torre del lago puccini, viale europa 1
Owner: damonte roberto
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Beach

Located at the end of Viale Europa on the marina of Torre del Lago, close to the beach lecciona, Boca Chica is a meeting point for young people and families. Here you can stay nicely in the company of friends, drinking an aperitif, enjoy delicious dishes at the restaurant and enjoy good music. The staff, Cosimo who personally takes care of the bar, which takes care of the gastronomic Esmeralda, Enzo and the artistic people are definitely the hand and nonconformist who like to recreate in that particular local atmosphere of friendship that always distinguishes them. For them there are no "labels" and the patrons of Boca Chica know it. Here we find young people of all types and culture, do not they erect "walls": if you are a kind-hearted, if you're on vacation in Versilia and looking for a place where you can breathe friendship. So you're one of us!