Holiday house the screw

Property Overview

Type: Vacation rentals
Address: Bergamo, Via torretta, 5
Owner: mazzoleni laura
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Cities

The Holiday HouseThe Screw is located in Via Torretta n. 5 on the first floor of a building dating back to the late 1800, the type is home to the railing with an internal courtyard.
The peculiarity that makes the complex unique is that all of the internal facade develops a secular Screw and in the months of ripening pleasant in odor-sensitive, hence named the accommodation Holiday House the Screw and the desire to leave inside the books / dvd related to the world of wine and why not to could join evenings tasting of wine tasters or seasonal rent wasps period and go from winery to winery in place Lombardia
The property is an apartment furnished in modern style and with some design object, to create a cozy and soundproofed.
Colors of the walls have been chosen to create harmony and brightness.
It consists of kitchen with induction burners and equipped for any need, living room with sofa bed and 32 inch TV and DVD player, large bathroom with polished marble walls with bath / shower, the master bedroom is comfortable and harmonious.



Min = 50 Max = 55 1 people daily
Min = 85 Max = 90 double room for two people per day
Min = 400 Max = 450 weekly