Casa baños de la villa

Property Overview

Type: Farmhouse
Address: Cordoba, Priego de córdoba, calle real, 63
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Thermal Bath

Protected by walls, narrow streets filled with flowers, we found Casa Baños de la Villa, a place to rest the body and soul, where light, water, colors, smells, sounds and textures combine to create rooms with different environments, which together with its courtyards, terraces and Moorish baths create unique personal experiences, away from the crowds and standardization, and linked to the philosophy of sustainability and social responsibility.
There are people who go through life looking for something, though not always know what it is. Looking for a story, a moment that remains indelible in his memory, moments that make them feel that they have lived.
In Casa Baños de la Villa we offer this unforgettable combination of light, water, colors, smells and sounds to create a place of dreams where the stories are possible to create a place with soul.
Crossing the threshold, the sound and scent will transport you to a unique and different place, where dreams are a reality and the senses and emotions are more awake than ever in a world where you will live unforgettable moments.