Country house finca buytron

Property Overview

Type: Vacation rentals
Address: Cordoba, Montilla
Owner: Rafaela Marmol Luque
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Countryside

According to facts dating back to 1567, Finca Buytrón is considered the first property that the Marqueses de Priego presented to one of their administrators, Mr Luis de Buytrón (hence its name). Until now Finca Buytrón has been a large “growing field” because of its great water wealth, its natural springs, fruit trees and the most beautiful flowers of the region, such us the nards, and is also a location where the exquisite Montilla style artichokes grow. The most outstanding element of the cottage is its Roman waterwheel, surrounded by hundred-year-old elm trees, which is a unique testimony of the past of Cordoba’s Campiña.

Nowadays, Rafaela hosts this cottage with great care and excitement. It is a special place in which family, friends and companies are offered the location and the time as a gift of Nature, History and Culture. You are invited to come and spend time in this Southern corner of sun, peace, quiet, intimacy and friendship.

It still preserves within its walls the whole history and enchantment of being a unique place at Cordoba’s Campiña, where you can enjoy its landscapes and nature.


Min = 28 1 people daily
Min = 56 double room for two people per day