Social tourism in sicily with the amici della metapiccola

Property Overview

Type: Adventure
Address: Carlentini, Via battaglia, 1
Owner: Dar Miceli
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Lake

"Amici della Metapiccola A.P.S." is a cultural association and one of social promotion, founded in 2009 to evaluate the local territory Sicilian, social tourism and free time. In particular the association distinguishes itself in the organisation of tours, reserved for its members.

The objective of the association is to promote and evaluate nature and the environment, its historical, artistic and cultural patrimony, the traditional and typical foods and wines of south eastern and central south eastern Sicily. The promotion and the development of tourism, considered a priority for social cultural perfecting and a valid means of learning more about each other, of solidarity and of the values of civilian co-habitation among peoples.

Becoming a member of the A.d.M. is necessary for everyone who wants to participate in the activities of the association. Becoming a member is not a mere formality: it is also becoming a member of a family that places social and cultural values, of leisure time and tourism at the forefront in a serene and harmonious context. A world that is to be discovered and that can offer something more.

The A.d.M. member is given a membership card which is valid for the year in which a person joins and that permits the member to join in the social activities.


Min = 990 Max = 990 weekly