Torre hotel

Property Overview

Type: Hotel
Address: Arbus, Torre dei corsari
Owner: Stefano Demontis
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Beach

Torre Hotel is situated along the southern coast of the Gulf of Oristano, part of the Costa Verde, a short distance from the dunes in Piscinas and the mines in Montevecchio, on the splendid beach in Torre dei Corsari, 100 km from Cagliari.
The hotel has splendid views over the Sardinian coast and its convenient location guarantees easy access to the area around Torre dei Corsari, from Marina di Arbus to Scivu and Il Sinis, and from Capo Pecora to Pan di Zucchero.

Guests are welcomed in to stylishly decorated, simple elegant interiors. Guests have access to a splendid panoramic terrace where they can admire unforgettable sunsets.

The reception desk is open 24 hours a day and the staff are happy to provide useful tourist information about all the local attractions and suggest excellent excursions.


Min = 58 Max = 400 1 people daily
Min = 78 Max = 423 double room for two people per day
Min = 350 Max = 1000 weekly