Agri gallipoli

Property Overview

Type: Bed and breakfast
Address: Sannicola, Contrada mauri
Owner: Vincenzo Guido
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Beach

The B & B AgriGallipoli was born in the countryside surrounding the town of Gallipoli from which is just 4.5 km .
And ' in the green ... olive trees and Mediterranean scrub landscape Salentino , frame ;

The land on which the property is located is over 30,000 square meters full of rock outcrops , bushes of myrtle , rosemary, oregano infuse the air that smell typical of the lands of the past.
Right there in quell'agro in past centuries (1600-1700 AD) was practiced the manual removal of stone for the construction of houses in the nearby town of Sannicola. Still visible are the quarries and roads carved into the rock by the passage of the mules that pulled the wagons filled with the material result of the hard work of those men who have honed and consunato rock.

Today, those quarries and shallow ones obsolete streets have inspired the owner ...
Today the urge to rip off the grass grew over the centuries , bringing to light these findings and the desire to live these scenarios to those accustomed to smog and concrete, have given to these places , working time , the power to inspire peace and serenity ...

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The structure was built from scratch and ended in July of 2011 recalls the old estates where the rooms are all independent , bordering on an outdoor patio of 450 square meters used as a relaxation area where reading a good book under the umbrella of a table is appreciate even more the holiday.
Around the hotel , rocky paths and rustic grassy meadow among flowers and give a sense of freedom , especially if you follow them barefoot.
The Agri Gallipoli has its own personal wind , the " BELTRAME " That Shakes the guests to which they are so fond of. This wind you can find it only here , it blows when it wants it complies with the weather forecast .
The contact with nature, a chance to go around the property to collect the fruits directly from the trees without worrying about the pesticides are the necessary elements in order to make a coupon regenerating and then get back into shape to life of every day ...

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And ' well- connected to all the shores of Gallipoli and other marine as Rivabella , Santa Maria , Santa Caterina as located in the nerve center of Lecce- Leuca that allows you to reach the desired goals , even at peak times , avoiding traffic coast .
Strategic position as well as to reach Otranto ( 45 km ) , Castro ( 50 Km ) and also Inserraglio Tower ( Km 25 - Wildlife Wildlife Park) and Porto Cesario ( Km 35) Lila (km 45 ), but you do all in one breath on scorrevolissima Gallipoli- Leuca just 20 minutes.


Min = 25 Max = 55 1 people daily
Min = 50 Max = 110 double room for two people per day
Min = 350 Max = 770 weekly