Restaurante bar la mixta

Property Overview

Type: Restaurant
Address: San josŤ de las lajas, Calle 40 # 8118
Owner: Ric Bat
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Cities

Eating in San Jose de Las Lajas
A charming place in the heart of a city rich in culture and beauty of Latin America,
at the center of life , colors and flavors of Cuba, in San Jose de Las Lajas province of Mayabeque , here comes THE MIXTA , a traditional restaurant with a wide selection of typical Creole cuisine , respecting the ingredients and traditional recipes site .
Where to savor the true taste of the local cuisine in an ' atmosphere which gives the exact idea of the climate of the place and the people that colors this city .
Authentic cuisine prepared for you with the same care home .
Elegant and welcoming environment , to savor the true way of being, living, eating , and not just typical .
In addition to Creole cuisine , the restaurant's menu offers many choices of international cuisine , as well as to be ready to meet the demands of all customers. There are many specialty meat or fish . Anywhere in a room you can enjoy a touch of originality that makes it irresistible place .
The freshest ingredients and carefully chosen and wisdom .

San Jose de Las Lajas and its colors

And the amazing colors of the sea, the sun, the sky , enclosed in the vibrancy of the colors and the people are at the table.
The Mixta born from the dream of the owners, Yaimara & Alfredo , to bring to the table the vibrancy of San Jose and people offering a warm and tasty to eat good quality at fair prices .
Eating in La Mixta means to discover the best of Cuban flavors in a local priest, but to everyone .
Open for lunch and dinner for a moment of pleasure and relaxation.
In addition, The Mixta is the perfect opportunity to try something new ... try the pasta carbonara , straccetti arugula and cherry tomatoes, meatballs of beef.

And Italy arrives in San Jose de Las Lajas
The origin of the Italian restaurant offers the best of the flavors and aromas of Italy.
The pasta , excellence in the world of gastronomy , topped with any kind of sauce in the original recipe , the sweet , fragrant known throughout the world and a thousand other sweet and savory preparations
Enjoy the richness of the ingredients of Italian cuisine at the San Jose de Las Lajas, now you can.
The idea has been exported from Italy to Cuba in finding that the affinity of two people so passionate and solar have decided to offer a unique restaurant , the first in quality and price in San Jose de Las Lajas , the best of Creole cuisine and Italian .
Do not miss the original combination and a must try.
A journey of taste, atmosphere and cultures that come together .