Estancia santo domingo

Property Overview

Type: Farmhouse
Address: Utracan, Ruta 9 general acha
Owner: Estancia SANTO DOMINGO
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Countryside

This property has been run by the family since 1885, settled by don Paulino Silva and followed by his heirs. Initially it had 10.000 has., nowadays it consists of 1.500 has., where the original house of the estancia is located.

The surrounding landscape is very rich and diverse. You can find the typical Pampean environment: caldén forest, inhabited by deer, wild boars, partridges, hares, and American ostriches; salt water lagoons where you can usually see a great deal of flamingoes, ducks and swans; dunes and natural pools among the dunes where you can find otters.

The Estancia is dedicated to agriculture, cattle breeding and alfalfa seed and hay production.
It offers the possibility of lodging at an original country house , with succeeding modifications, and large park surrounded by natural landscapes.

We give you the opportunity to share the typical life in the countryside, including cattle and agriculture machinery labours.