Hotel boutique terraza coirones

Property Overview

Type: Hotel
Address: Santa cruz, El calafate
Owner: Andrés Tur
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Lake

The Hotel has 22 bedrooms, 1 in suite. It is a confortable construction with an incredible view on to lake Argentine, the Andes, Calafate Mountain, Solitaria Island, the Punta Wailichu Rock and a beautiful landscape of the Patagonia steppe.

Terraza Coirones Hotel is located over a slope similar to a terrace surrounded by a natural pasture called “coiron”. There is where the hotel gets name. From there you can watch the beautiful landscape of Argentine Lake, The Andes mountains range and the Patagonia steppe. The hotel is 3 km away from down town of Calafate.

For the magnificense of the glacier Perito Moreno it is considered one of the world marvellous sightseeing.The monumental never ending ice mass surrounded by natural woods and mountains is an spectacle view that everybody do not want to lose it.