A cantina di ale hotel palazzo bello

Property Overview

Type: Restaurant
Address: Recanati, Via n. sauro, 72
Owner: La Cantina di Ale Hotel Palazzo Bello
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Countryside

The newly built , in its simplicity, well cared for, situated on the outskirts of the charming town of Recanati , surrounded by greenery and surrounded by the colors of nature, offers its patrons a breathtaking view from the hill with sweeping views of rich colors to dive into the sea as a backdrop and is suitable for framing and a postcard to send to their loved ones.
The park surrounding the hotel is frequented by birds of each species that cheer the awakening of the guests , and it is pleasant in the morning to have breakfast on the veranda with the sun , which is mirrored in the blue of the sea and the sweet singing of the birds .

Recanati , a town of Giacomo Leopardi and then poetry. The medieval city of mold is perched on the hill and includes the Hill of Infinity where the poet usually loved being in meditation to find his inspiration past the horizon line.

The Town Hall Square is dedicated to the poet with his image carved in stone next to the eighteenth-century bell tower .

A city rich in history and evidence of the past , such as Leopardi stands apart from works of oil painter Lorenzo Lotto.

Palazzo Bello structure of the 700 known for its beautiful facade but in particular because the poet spent holiday periods and during his stay in these places he found the inspiration that led him to write the Zibaldone .

Recanati is not just these little hints but it is much more and we leave the tourist curiosity to discover the many features of this wonderful city.


Min = 65 Max = 120 1 people