Costiera vesuviana incoming

Property Overview

Type: Travel agency
Address: Torre del greco, Via circumvallazione 16
Owner: Manuel Mazzacano
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Beach

Amalfi Vesuvius is the result of the merger between the experience in the tourism sector and the knowledge firsthand of Campania by its employees.
Already present in numerous fairs of tourism , such as Naples , Rimini , Milan, Italy and the Czech Republic in Prague Exhibition soon we will be back to BMT also of Naples.
The aim of our agency is to provide a different service to the public or to exploit the hidden faces of the Vesuvian towns mixing them harmoniously with the beauty of the coast.
Located at the foot of Mount Vesuvius , just 3 km away from Bodrum ruins of Herculaneum and 14 km from the city of Pompeii , Amalfi Vesuvius is a strategic place in the center of the Gulf , this allows our small agency to provide direct assistance and guidance in person to the visiting groups .
The tours offered bring out the " plot " of the tour and generally , as well as visiting famous sites in the itineraries will report an excursion , a visit or a typical event of one of the Vesuvian towns or the dates on which the offer will be active .
We work with excellent partners as well as with professionals in the field of tourism, hotel and catering , so our tour will make every stay memorable by immersing each participant not only in places and in nature, but in the real Neapolitan culture.