Farm levandara

Property Overview

Type: Farmhouse
Address: Fermo, Contrada lavandara, 9
Owner: Luca Biagetti
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Beach

Among the hills of Fermo and Monterubbiano Levandara lies the farm, in a district caressed by the Sun, breeze blowing from the sea.
Just 20 minutes from the Adriatic and 30 from the National Park of Monti Sibillini, the Levandara offers a unique and magical landscape, embracing at a glance the sea, the rolling hills of the Marche.
The farm Levandara welcomes curious travelers, happy families and four-legged companions. Bring with you the desire to discover and desire to fall in love with a fascinating land, unknown to most people.
The culinary tradition of the Marche is the basis of our dishes, which combine with healthy and tasty ingredients, we produce or chosen from the excellence of local produce, flavored with creativity and innovation.


Min = 30 Max = 38 1 people daily
Min = 60 Max = 76 double room for two people per day