Rapanui rooms

Property Overview

Type: Bed and breakfast
Address: Catania, Via gagliani,13
Owner: Chiara Coco
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Cities

In the heart of Baroque Catania, in a building of the 800, has its headquarters B & B Rapanui Rooms. The young owner has made "welcome" his plan of life / work. Will have the pleasure to welcome you personally and help you organize Vs. holidays, to make them unique, so as to become precious memories to carry around in the gray winter evenings.

Special prices and offers unique and customized. You only need to contact us, and we do the rest.
Special rates for members of the Carabinieri, State Police, Finance .....

Ns. B & B is suitable for families (with children from the cradle), singles, seniors and people with disabilities (the building is provided with elevator), young students (use the hostel), religious ... no exceptions.
Inside you will organize training and relaxation techniques Oriental, Italian language courses for foreigners, English Language, French and Spanish.

For more information contact the property ..... you'll have the pleasant surprises! :)