Boats in the sky

Property Overview

Type: Farmhouse
Address: Imperia, Strada comunale molino dei giusi, 22
Owner: riccarda roner
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Beach

Situated on a hill overlooking Imperia Oneglia from our farm you will have a magnificent view of Imperia Porto Maurizio in the west; open sea to the south and east, where, in a hollow of the hills, you can see a thin strip of sea-made smile in gloomy days, or at dawn or dusk it may happen that you do not distinguish the sea from the sky above . If under these conditions a ship passing in the strip of the sea there is a feeling that

the vessel is suspended in the sky!

We are located 3 km from the center of Imperia Oneglia, 5 minutes, on the hill of the Cascine, the area of villas and summer residences of middle-class families in the city.

It 's the ideal place to rest in the green of the olive trees, in an area where you do not receive any city noise.

Liguria in this area is about 30 km wide, and this allows to pass in about 30 minutes drive from the beaches of the Italian Riviera to the mountain resorts of the Southern Piedmont (eg ski fields Monesi and Limone Piemonte).

The coast is rocky beaches of Imperia offers for those who love the sand (the Galeazza Oneglia and many beaches) and sandy beaches in the seaside resorts of Porto Maurizio, Diano Marina.

The location of our house is ideal for visiting the Riviera Ligure di Ponente, the Riviera dei Fiori with Sanremo and nearby France.

Even our hinterland is worth a detailed visit with all the views of the landscape and the typical both cultural and gastronomic.

Thanks to our mild climate you can make holidays in all seasons of the year:

in the summer to the cool of the hills and the sea,

autumn still mild climate and for the olive harvest,

in the winter to escape the cold and fog,

in the spring to enjoy the awakening of nature and garden products.

Choose your best time!

In our farm you will find:

a small family-run farmhouse restaurant.
two private apartments for holidays taken from an old farm building.


Min = 25 Max = 40 1 people daily
Min = 350 Max = 850 weekly