Calý b&b

Property Overview

Type: Bed and breakfast
Address: Alatri, Via rodilossi 13
Owner: Angelo Ceci
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Cities

The B & B Calý is located in the heart of Alatri, an old town full of culture and traditions, quiet but at the same time full of life. Not everyone knows that the Ciociaria, in addition to being a beautiful land is located in a strategic position, ideal for quick access to Rome and Naples.
The property is situated within the city walls, one of the classics of country lanes, but it is also easily accessible by car. It 'an independent structure on three levels also features a small indoor garden. On the ground floor there is a common room where you can have breakfast.
For each of the two upper floors there is a master bedroom with en suite bathroom
The two bedrooms are spacious and comfortable, they have different settings, invented by imagining a plunge into the waves or a flight in the clouds ....
Almost everything that is present inside it was manufactured, restored or reinvented by us, as much as possible using elements and materials recovery and inventing original solutions born from the passion for creative recycling.



Min = 30 Max = 40 1 people daily
Min = 50 Max = 60 double room for two people per day