Marvelous morocco tours

Property Overview

Type: Travel agency
Address: Marrakech, Douha
Owner: Iddir Yakoubi
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Beach

Marvelous Morocco Tours is a tour operator located in the south-east of Morocco and offering tours tailored to your tastes, you have the money and your time. Marvelous Morocco also has branches in Merzouga and Marrakech. We are natives of Morocco with a rich cultural tradition that makes us very proud of our history and of our country. We offer cultural tours that highlight the best of Morocco: trekking in the Atlas Mountains, tours of the old Kasbahs and walks with a camel in the Sahara desert.
We organize tours from the airport of your arrival, that is Marrakesh, Fez or Ouarzazate. We wait for you at the airport and take you in the hotel that you have booked in advance. Or we can recommend a hotel of any category you want. The next morning after breakfast we start an unforgettable tour in the beautiful southern Morocco.