Albergo vecchia posta di pietrapertosa

Property Overview

Type: Hotel
Address: Pietrapertosa, Via nazionale 2
Owner: Marianna Ferri
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Mountain

Small diffuse hotel consists of two houses (cottages) completely autonomous with separate entrances on the street.
Recently renovated, the two houses have retained all its original characteristics of the medieval part of the building where the fans. Their characteristics can be summarized as follows:
1) A house with 6 beds, comfortable and spacious, with fully equipped kitchen and a terrace with three bedrooms and living room sull'antistante small square.
In the house were some old features: a large wooden ceiling, a wall heater to ceiling (now with decorative function only); a wooden staircase in the living room.
2) A One-room with 2 beds kitchenette and bathroom, with vaulted in stone. This venue until 1949 was the seat of the Office of Post (from which the hotel takes its name).
The two homes are located in the historic center of the village, a short distance from all the points of interest in a place with little traffic and, therefore, quiet and restful.

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