Property Overview

Type: Vacation rentals
Address: Orsomarso, Contrada vallementa marina
Owner: Fiora Casciano
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Beach

We are a tourist facility located in the Pollino National Park slope Calabrese, location 'ORSOMARSO prov. of Cosenza.
We offer hikers chance 'to stay in our tourist facilities, for a total of beds No. 20, adjoining dining, nearby trails to discover unique natural scenery in Italy, from the pine loricato, the osprey, the unforgettable views of the mountains Pollino, please contact us for details.
The prices refer to the winter season in 2015.



Min = 20 Max = 25 1 people daily
Min = 40 Max = 40 double room for two people per day
Min = 200 Max = 250 weekly