Bed and breakfast ai giardini san vitale

Property Overview

Type: Bed and breakfast
Address: Ravenna, Via don giovanni minzoni 63 - 48121
Owner: Monica Gismondi
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Cities

Bed and Breakfast San Vitale Ravenna offers a revolutionary and innovative tool for online booking. Bed and Breakfast San Vitale Ravenna allows customers to propose the price they are willing to pay for a stay in our bed and breakfast. Everyone loves a good deal. And when you have the freedom to choose the price you want to pay for a stay at our bed and breakfast , Your stay in Ravenna ncora to become more attractive and economical. Offer the customer the opportunity to decide the price, you can create a formula such as "you decide the price!". Customers can either buy at the price indicated, or make a lower offer. If the price offered is higher than the minimum bid price set previously by our bed and breakfast, the offer is accepted and the customer is immediately sent a maitre with the details of the reservation. Otherwise, a counter offer is sent to the customer Everything is immediate and automatic. Here is our revolutionary on-line booking: you only pay the price that you consider fair.

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Min = 60 Max = 80 1 people daily
Min = 60 Max = 120 double room for two people per day