Atelier sul mare

Property Overview

Type: Hotel
Address: Cefal¨, Cesare battisti 4
Owner: Antonio Presti
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Beach

"Welcome to the Breath of the Sea, in the tradition of a dream, where Alberga Utopia Art"

Atelier sul Mare is a Hotel-Museum of Contemporary Art is unique in the world!
The Museum-Hotel is located in Castel di Tusa (Me), a small picturesque village near Cefalu, and was created with the intention of offering the visitor-visitor the opportunity to live a unique work of art, becoming himself part of it, which turns and turns in turn.
Come in and stay in these spaces Emotional means to live a new dimension of the spirit, enjoying the joy of existence, only the creativity of art can give.

Art, therefore, as compared with the great questions of human existence, for itineraries of deep spirituality. Experience the beauty, manifested by the great art forms, constitutes an immense wealth of real life and tradition that we need to rediscover and pass.

The comfortable rooms of art are made by internationally renowned artists, including names such as Danielle Mitterand, Plessi, Hidetoshi Nagasawa, Renato Curcio, Maria Lai, Raoul Ruiz, Paolo Icaro and many others.

Antonio Presti, author and founder of the prestigious "Fiumara d'Arte" park Outdoor sculptures largest in Europe, is the creator of this unique situation where the landscape, culture, art and hospitality come together to show and give to the visitors to this magnificent land an unforgettable experience: the art of living a dream.

The Atelier sul Mare then becomes the focal point of the tourist route - Cultural Park of Sculptures "Fiumara d'Arte", which works with the Fiesta, Consagra Staccioli and many other international artists will accompany the visitor to a meeting with a 'art harmonized with the landscape, visible and accessible to all, in the name of beauty.

The restaurant offers traditional delicacies, prepared with passion and hospitality of Sicily, in the summer, comes with a "Terrazza sul Mare", in other seasons in the salon "Double Dream" by Tobias Ercolino, an internationally renowned artist which has transformed the space into a path of suggestions, in which the sensations of the palate are combined with the thrill of art.

The property also features:
- An Area Wellness, equipped with Turkish bath, to make it even more enjoyable and relaxing stay for those who choose to immerse themselves in a world of beauty;
- Conference Room A complete audio-video system with a capacity of 200 seats, able to accommodate large and small events;
- A Laboratory of Ceramics where you will be able to follow courses;
- A book shop full of artistic creations where you can buy original works in ceramics and fabric or you can relax in the pages of the books made available to the customer;
- In the summer of a private beach available to guests.

The Museum-Hotel, employs a staff of professionals able to respond efficiently and competently to any request, from the needs of each guest to the most complex case studies related to the organization of major events and ceremonies.


Min = 35 Max = 90 1 people daily
Min = 70 Max = 240 double room for two people per day