My house on the hill

Property Overview

Type: Vacation rentals
Address: Valsinni, Ponte fontana 25
Owner: Gaetano Chiurazzi
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Mountain

Suspended between sea and mountains just 20 minutes drive from the beaches ion, in the beautiful setting of the Pollino National Park in a really ancient and fascinating.

Coming in Valsinni has the feeling of being in a time far, far from the chaos of modern. The village is situated in a strategic position, so it is easy to be able to move to other beautiful towns of Basilicata to enjoy the beautiful hilly and mountainous, and a small part of the coast of the Ionian Sea. In the National Park of Pollino, incredible views await you!

My house on the hill is located in the ancient village of Valsinni (MT), a short walk from the Mother Church, at the foot of the medieval castle Isabella Morra.

The castle is situated on the highest point of the old town and is still keeping books, documents and writings testifying to the story of young Isabella Morra, poet Lucan sixteenth century.

Every time someone claims to see the figure of Isabella above the ramparts of the castle.

Floor: Ground / Mezzanine
Kitchen: Large Kitchen
Bathrooms: 1
Bedrooms: 1
relaxation area
Beds: 4
Shower: Yes
Air conditioning: No
Balcony Room: Yes
Mosquito nets: Yes

Sheets: Yes
Towels: Yes
Dishes: Yes
Internet Access: No
Private Parking: No
Shared parking: Yes
Dishwasher: No
Washing machine: Yes
Satellite TV: Yes
TV room: Yes
Refrigerator: Yes
Freezer: Yes
Cot: No
High Chair for Children: No
Pets: Yes

The Ionian beaches Basilicata and Calabria.
The Pollino National Park.
The impressive Sassi of Matera.
The Baths of Lucania of Latrobe.
The National Museum of Siris Policoro.
The Bosco Pantano.
The WWF Policoro Herakleia.
The National Museum of Metaponto.
Palatine Tables and Archaeological Park of Metapontum.
The Mount Cotugno Lake.
The Sanctuary of Santa Maria di Anglona-.

From Naples:
A3 exiting at Lauria Nord - SP653 Sinnica - Valsinni.
From Taranto:
S.S. 106 towards Reggio Calabria - SP653 Sinnica - Valsinni.
S.S. 106 towards Taranto - SP653 Sinnica - Valsinni.

Means of transport.

Property not subject to energy certification.

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Min = 15 Max = 20 1 people daily
Min = 30 Max = 40 double room for two people per day
Min = 105 Max = 140 weekly