Patrick rafting center by patrick carafa group

Property Overview

Type: Adventure
Address: Ortona, Contrada santa lucia
Owner: Patrick Carafa
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Mountain

"Patrick Rafting Center" by Patrick Carafa Group.Mission.


"Patrick Rafting Center" is a sports project of Patrick Carafa Group
dedicated to the promotion of water activities.

The guides and instructors of Rafting Center "Patrick Rafting" engage
in different
sports: Rafting, Kayaking and Hydrospeeding , mainly along the
Abruzzo's and Italian courses but also on the waterways of Europe and
extra - continental.

The proposal includes specific training courses for those wishing to become

* Rafting Guide,
* Hydrospeed Guide,
* Safety Kayaker,

and includes separate courses like:

* BLS courses ,
* First Aid Course,
* Kayak courses.

The activities are aimed at training aimed at aspiring sports
operators or tour operators who want to enhance their skills .

News of Rafting Center "Patrick Rafting" are also specific packages
for those who want
to experiment with the various activities :

* 1 Day:2 Rivers,
* 1 Day:Family,
* 1 Day:Group,
* 1 Day:Wild Hydrospeeding,
* 1 Day:Vomano,
* 1 Day:Sea Rafting & Sea Kayaking,
* 2 Day:Fortemente & Cortesemente,
* 2 Day:We Can.d.

The Rafting Center " Patrick Rafting " is qualified , if required,
also in the management of activities for groups and companies , events
and outdoor activities, as well as in travel , but also in feasibility
studies for the implementation of new commercial waterways addressing
the various issues that may arise