On the road hotel

Property Overview

Type: Hotel
Address: Torgiano, Via signoria 33/a
Owner: Primiano Gioia
Pets: Pets friendly
Location Type: Mountain

Your new holidays are "On the road"
Would you like to be able to fall asleep watching the Eiffel Tower in Paris or drink a fresh Martini next to a beach of Salento, housing near Piazza della Signoria in Florence or the Colosseum in Rome?
There is a way to have this, today and it's called "On the Road Hotel".
A real luxury hotel at your disposal; you can change destination at any time and go where you want when you want. Italy, Europe, Asia, sea or mountain's vacation without stress of finding an accomodation or driving.
Lower level: living area with kitchen, sofa tables and chairs.
Upper level: with two bedrooms, one master and one double. Every with private bathroom with shower and whirlpool tub.
Smart TV and Internet's access in every room and all kinds of amenities to make your vacation memorable.
The hotel's driver is included in the price.


Min = 2000 Max = 2800 weekly