Property Overview

Type: Adventure
Address: Orosei, Via s. francesco, 94
Owner: Andrea Masala
Pets: No pets
Location Type: Beach

The Orosei-n-bike was born in 2010 from a passion for off-road cycling activities of its members.
In fact the creator after the first years of competitive activity in the field of regional mountain bike circuit, specifically to the discipline of Cross-Country, decided after the right experience to join the sporting activities of hiking in the area surrounding the place of his residence, allowing vacationers to the many visitors to accompany them in places less known of the eastern coast of Sardinia.
Posts covered propose accompaniment, are of the localities from the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Orosei, but difficult to achieve if not in the company of our employees, as the hinterland of the Barony and dell'Ogliastra presents several difficulties both from point of view orientation (in fact in some places there is no satellite coverage and there is adequate signage), both from the point of view of the physical and energy expenditure, as in the mountain profiles visible from the coast, lie difficulties elevation reachable only biker experts.
Nevertheless, the beauty of this area is not visited by novice cyclists, since they are also proposed as an alternative stages of intermediate level, passable in the most peaceful way just as it marked the daily life of those who are on vacation .. ..... so doing sports activity a pleasant pastime.